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your food. 
your life.

why f90 nutrition?

"I’m going to show you the steps that I took to change from a depressed hulk who weighed 333 pounds to the lean, muscular, and happy person whom you’ll meet today." -

Coach Michael Donagher

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This program is about more than nutrition coaching; it's about transformation. I have developed a formula for freedom and success around food, because 90% of weight loss is what we eat. This is a process of change where food and nutrition are central to a transformation that goes far beyond the number on a scale or a body fat %.  My coaching will help you develop a new way of living and a new lifestyle that will positively impact every aspect of your life. 


Many of us turn to food for comfort or stress relief. Either of these reasons can lead to overeating or weight gain. If this is you, I've been where you are. Through the journey of transformative weight loss, I know firsthand what it's like to struggle with weight and nutrition, and I also know which methods will help you overcome these challenges. With one-on-one (1:1) sessions with me, customized guidance and daily check-ins, you can acquire your dream body weight, maintain a thriving social life, and become an even better you.


what does f90 stand for?

The ‘F’ stands for Formula for Freedom and Success around our Food. And the '90'? Our food choices account for 90% of the success of our health and thus our lives! Your diet impacts your mental and physical health, body shape, self-image, confidence, relationships, intimacy, and career success. 

MY OWN transformation

my before

333 lbs in 2008

I was deeply depressed. My life was out of control. My relationship with food was out of control and I was pre-diabetic, heading for an early death from heart disease or cancer. It was time to act, change, and transform. 

my after

180 lbs in 2024

I went from a deeply depressed obese person addicted to sugar and fast food to a lean, muscular, and happy 55-year-old. It's been 16 years and counting of maintaining my current weight and enjoying my life and my food!

Whatever your goals, we can accomplish them together.

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This is not a diet and calories club. This is a Process of Transformation.

Of course, numbers are important and will be part of your measuring process, but F90 Nutrition is much more than the number on the bathroom scale or body fat percentage. The implementation of this F90 method is about freedom and peace of mind. This is your call-to-action to transform your body and mind so that you reach a healthy weight range that works for you. The objective of F90 will empower you in your quest to maintain a healthy relationship with food choices.



Providing 1:1 expert guidance on all aspects of nutrition in a caring environment for weight loss.



Learn new strategies to develop a healthier relationship with food and lose weight in the process.

corporate lifestyle 

Learn how to manage your weight (and food) when on business travel or extended stays away from home.

Alexa Young, 23, Professional Dancer, New York City

Michael took me on a journey of discovering the patterns and habits that were causing me harm. I've ditched the diets, stopped counting the calories and focused on healthy lifestyle choices. My life has changed beyond recognition. 
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