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my hero journey

"The next morning, I struggled out of bed and looked in the mirror in utter disbelief at my reflection. I saw a morbidly obese man who was almost out of time. Something snapped inside me...and that was the beginning of my incredible transformation physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually."

I’ve had a problem with food and body weight all my life. I was an obese child, and later in life, an obese adult. I was often bullied and rejected by other people. I used food to comfort myself. I ate when I was happy, sad, bored, and I additionally ate when I experienced all those other emotions that existed in between those I have mentioned. Food was my great friend, and I loved it. What am I talking about? I still love food! The difference today is I have a healthy relationship with food and my body. I’m 55 years old and finally in the best shape of my life physically, emotionally, and mentally; however, that wasn’t always the case. 


It’s been a long journey but one thing I can tell you for sure ... change your food and you’ll change your life. Here’s my story- a hero’s journey to health , happiness, and prosperity one meal at a time; one day at a time. 

My childhood was chaotic (no self-pity here) - that’s just the way it was - and food became my great friend and comforter. Food didn’t let me down, didn’t shout at me, and was always there. Food changed the way I felt about things and offered me comfort through painful and uncertain times. As a child, I was always curious and active. Sports and especially running were favorites of mine, but the more I ate to assuage my discomfort, the more weight I gained.





That's where the bullying started. I remember the name calling- Fat Boy, Doughnut, Slob- and the constant tormenting never ceased. In high school and college, I worked hard to control my weight, but I had no idea how to eat properly. I didn’t understand portion sizes, or how to choose delicious healthy food. I persisted with one diet after another and used weight loss pills, ate high-sodium frozen TV dinners, and feasted on fast food take outs. I also indulged in over-exercising, vitamin shots, fad diets, and even cleanses. I was miserable, alone, and scared. My weight continued to fluctuate and the number on the scale became all-important, dictating my happiness. This wasn’t living. 

I even tried ‘geographics’! London was the first stop and then I moved to America to the one city where image is everything … Los Angeles. Believe me, if there’s one city in the world that constantly tells you how you should look, or feel, or how ripped or toned you should be, that city is most certainly Los Angeles! The only problem that prevailed was that wherever I went, I took myself with me.

My first couple of years living in Los Angeles were very lonely. I was no longer able to control my weight and my life (and weight) spiraled out of control.  LA is a foodie town and being surrounded 360 degrees with delicious, high caloric foods, I embraced the wrong companion. I had a gym membership, but the ‘compare and despair’ mindset kept me from going to the LA gyms. There’s no worse place when you’re obese, and my American dream was turning into an American nightmare- Dead end jobs, dead end relationships, weight gain, food, and more food. What hurt the most during this time was that I was invisible to other people. When you are fat, people honestly don’t see you, and those that do look upon you in disgust. 

I tried the weight loss shots, signed up for bootcamps, got into therapy (everyone has a therapist in LALA land), and I attended fat loss centers. I even gave a Malibu psychic a $1000 with the promise she’d get me fit and muscular. And what happened? She disappeared after the first session with my money!  Then came the Jenny Craig membership and their fun staff; I loved their food but ate double the portions, and consequently, the weight remained.










How dark it is before dawn! Then one afternoon in January 2008, while out walking to my favorite pizzeria, I felt a horrible tightness in my chest. I was sweating profusely, and I felt sick. I turned around and made it home, but a worried neighbor saw me struggling up the stairs to my tiny studio apartment. He took me to the emergency room where kindly doctors and nurses took tests and hooked me up to machines. The news came that I was up to 333 lbs., prediabetic, with high triglycerides, bad cholesterol, an irregular heartbeat, and a serious contender for a stroke. I wasn’t even 40 yet! I was shocked, depressed, and very scared. 

The next morning, I struggled out of bed and looked in the mirror in utter disbelief at my reflection. It was a morbidly obese man who’d run out of all ideas and was fast running out of time. ME.

Something snapped and I can’t really explain the phenomenon that occurred. Possibly divine intervention? But that defining morning was the beginning of my incredible transformation physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I weighed 333 lbs. and possessed 43% body fat back in 2008. Today, 15 years later, I’m a healthy, happy man who weighs 182 lbs. and whose body is sub 10% body fat.  Not only did I lose all the weight, but I have kept it off and transformed into a strong, muscular, and athletic man with a passion for life and all it has to offer. I met the love of my life; bought my dream home in Los Angeles, and I’m following my true calling to help as many other people as possible reach

their own transformational goals.



It’s been a long journey but one thing I can tell you for sure ... change your food and you’ll change your life. 


And I’m so excited to start with you on this very personal journey. Whether you need to lose 100 lbs., 20 lbs., or just get healthier by creating a new food plan, I’m here every step of the way to share my 15 years of experience, strength, and hope. I’ve found the formula that really works … if you work it.

Are you ready? 

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so who am i?

Michael Donagher, Owner, Founder and Coach of F90 Nutrition

Education and Certifications:
MBA (Distinction) Napier Edinburgh University 

National Academy of Sports Medicine 

  • Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC)

  • Certified Weight Loss Specialist (NASM-WLS)

  • Certified Behavior Change Specialist (NASM-BCS)

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